Candy Crush Level 350 Guide

Available Moves: 60 moves350-1
Goal: Clear all jelly (73 double-coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 145,000 points
Two Stars: 300,000 points
Three Stars: 380,000 points

This level is crazy!!! Who even puts time bombs where no one can reach it? You know who? The developers behind Candy Crush Level 350, that’s who, so we’ve got no choice but to just accept the fact that we have to go through this insane level so we could move forward. After all, this is the final level for the Pearly White Plains episode, so it is only fitting that this challenging episode is ended with an exclamation point. Just the goal seems impossible, doesn’t it? 73 jellies to clear with only 60 moves – that’s too hard. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be dealing with time bomb dispensers that leave time bombs in places where they are very hard to reach. There are things to be grateful for, though. You are given three free special striped candies – yey! – Except that they are hidden under a layer of marmalade, and under two rows of multi-layered blockers. Did I mention that two of these free stripes can release time bombs, too? All these you got to manage while also dealing with all six colours. Man, you are really going to need these tips and strategies:

General tips:
1. Do not wake up sleeping dragons. Locked up chocolates, time bomb dispensers waiting to be triggered – leave them alone. All heroes are fools, remember that. It’s always better to play safe, especially in this level.
2. Tricky ones always go first!
3. Special candies and special candy combinations are most useful, but be mindful what you may be setting off!
4. Take advantage of the cascade effect!
5. For this specific level, these strategies are very useful:

Level-specific tips:

1. Get to the bottom of things.
I know it sounds like some lame advice anger management coaches give all the time, but it is certainly useful in this level! Break through those multi-layered blocks immediately as there are jellies hiding underneath, and the tricky ones are actually in this part of your board (bottom and sides)

2. Be careful with your special candies!
Special candies are very much welcome just as long as they don’t trigger the time bomb dispenser! See, these dispensers at the sides of your board are real pains because they send out one bomb after another, and before you know it you’ll be dealing with more than you could manage. Stay away from horizontal stripes that can trigger these. Focus on making vertical stripes and wrapped candies to “get to the bottom of things”.

3. Be mindful of the bombs.
I know I told you to stay away from the bomb dispenser, but I know you’re going to trigger it anyway, so just take care of the many bombs you will be dealing with, will you?

4. Good luck, dear.
At least you are going to feel a whole lot better once you’ve conquered the hardest Candy Crush level of all time!